Research Priorities

Mobile systrems

  • SIRI, Alexa & Co.: Dialogues under natural conditions
  • Signals in real (mobile) environments: Quality preservation during compression and with loss of information
  • Dialogues with machines: Intelligent dialogue strategies using prosodic language features and dialogue histories
  • Emotions and user states: emotion recognition from speech and other user characteristics, use for better dialogues
  • Resource-conserving processing steps of user state recognition on mobile hardware

Mobile user

  • Adaptation to changing users
  • Getting to know a user
  • Transfer-learning, synthetically generated data
  • Semi-monitored annotations
  • Dialogue semantics (discourse particles, feedback markers)

Mobile environment

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Dialogue systems in the car
  • Ambient Assisted Living: domestic assistance
  • Collaborative Human-Robot Interaction

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