Juniorprofessur Mobile Dialog Systems

Mobile Dialog Systems

Welcome to the pages of the Mobile Dialog Systems Group.

The research area Mobile Dialog Systems (MDS) is located at the intersection of the research areas human-machine interaction and (speech) signal processing. Speech dialog systems have been used in everyday life for a long time, especially as telephone dialog systems. However, with the emergence of SIRI, ALEXA and Co. a new trend has emerged and mobile/changing application possibilities and locations are emerging.
In this context, the mobile dialog systems group is working on three main areas:

  1. The mobile user
  2. The mobile system
  3. The mobile environment.

Besides the research of algorithms and interaction techniques for specific areas and the analysis and improvement of signal processing methods, the research claim of the department is also to pursue a user-centered development as far as possible and to include aspects like usability, user behavior, but also the protection of personal information. Therefore, many of the topics that are dealt with have a strong interdisciplinary orientation.

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